The Support Around You

Ms. L wrote a blog post the other night about hustling hard for what you want out of life.  I will say that she has got to be the best hustler I know.  When she sets her mind to something and decides that it’s going to happen, she makes it happen, one way or another.  She is a perfect example of the type of friend and person in general that you want surrounding you when you are on a mission to greatness.  They say that birds of a feather flock together and when I was in high school I never understood what that really meant, nor how true that statement was.  

My mother used to hear about certain people that I associated with in high school doing something they didn’t have any business doing, and she would just automatically assume that I was doing the same things (which I wasn’t).  She said that if you surround yourself with certain types of people then that’s the type of person people will think you are.  At the time I thought that it was her being highly judgmental and unfair.  I felt that if you liked someone or at least a lot of their attributes then there shouldn’t be a problem being their friend even if the two of you were total opposites on everything.  I learned as I grew into an adult that my mother (I cringe as I say this) was right.  

You don’t want the people in your circle to be exactly like you (that would just be boring) but you do want them to be people who understand you and your goals and ambitions and who are as ambitious about whatever they want as you are.  You want people surrounding you that are like-minded and that are going to push you when you need a push.  You need people who have their own sense of direction and motivate you to find and follow yours.  

A writer in particular needs a good source of support and motivation in the people that they associate with.  While I have other good supportive people in my circle that motivate me in various ways (as I hopefully motivate them), none of them I admire quite as much as Ms. L.  Her post the other night about hustling harder (and our conversation that came afterwards) gave me great encouragement and motivation.  

I am probably not the best hustler in terms of going after everything I want with extreme vigor but because I am not, it is good to have someone in my corner, in my circle, who is.  Someone who can be a model example of the kind of hustling I should be doing.  Surrounding yourself with the right people, as a writer, is vitally important and should be something that you should definitely reevaluate if you haven’t before.  I thank Ms. L for being the kind of friend and fellow writer that I can take a multitude of notes from and for not being stingy with your secrets along your pathway to success.  I hope all of you out there have someone in your circle that pushes you to be your very best.  Until tomorrow…If you haven’t already, make sure you have your support team in place!  


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