Writers Do More Than Just Write

I think back to the days when I actually thought that being a writer only entailed writing.  But we writers, we do way more than just write.  I am slowly figuring out that among the many things on the list of our duties is being a public speaker.  It is something that most, if not all, writers must adapt to.  It is one thing that I struggle with the most.  

Just the thought of being in front of people and talking about myself or my work makes me nervous and begin to feel my anxiety level rise.  It’s actually funny because most people that know me would say that it is hilarious to think of me not being able to talk in front of people because I seem to be able to hold a conversation so well.  

However, the reality is that being as though writing is my destiny and my purpose and I know that I have to do whatever it takes to be successful at it, I have to learn to get over my consistent state of stage fright.  It’s only going to hold me back, and it’s only going to limit me from the possibilities that lie ahead of me.  My opportunities reside in the extra steps that I take to get where I need to be.  

It is amusing to me when someone dismisses writing as a hobby and not really being a job.  When I tell people I am a writer they usually say something to the effect of, ‘oh so you don’t really have a job’.  My response is (after rolling my eyes at the audacity that they would have to say that) is ‘writing is a job, why don’t you try it and tell me it isn’t work.’  What I don’t think people get is that writing is hard work.  

Writers are many things.  Our lists of duties extend far beyond the realm of putting words on paper.  We are our own promoters and marketers, we are our own accountants (unless you’re making enough to afford one), we are editors, we are researchers, we are public speakers, we are activists, we are musicians, we are directors, we are motivators, and we are entrepreneurs.  A Writer certainly does way more than just write.     


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