Be Proud Of You Even If No One Else Is

It’s always both nerve wracking and exciting when you do something big or just something that you’ve been waiting for. I felt that way when I launched my online store ( because I had been working on that idea, which started out just being in my brain formulating, for nearly two years and I was nervous about whether anyone would even like it.  This week, however, I am re-releasing my novel, The Diary: Succession of Lies, and I’m extremely anxious because while I wear many hats and have many creative endeavors that I want to explore, writing has been my number one passion since I was six years old.

It was already not done right the first time it was published because frankly the small publisher didn’t do nearly all of what I thought they would do and I knew next to nothing about marketing or publicity and at the time social media was still new and I didn’t really want any parts of it. Needless to say it wasn’t shopped well and I didn’t know how to shop it to the point that it needed to be. Honestly I had no business signing that contract and I wasn’t strong enough then to even feel comfortable enough to voice what I expected and what I wanted and felt I wasn’t getting.

I’ve come a long way since then and because it was a well received novel to those that it did reach, and because I have learned a lot (not as much as I could but way more than I knew before) about putting myself out there and navigating some manner of marketing I decided that it deserved a real shot. I wanted this book to be a part of my catalog of work to come and I wanted it to be my first novel for a lot of reasons that I won’t get into at the moment. 

I am praying this book does everything I want it to do but even if it doesn’t I believe I’m more proud of this round of publishing it because I feel so sure and confident about my readiness to do it. It doesn’t make me any less anxious though lol. So Friday my book baby will be out in the world, and I hope that people love it and that they will support me but even if they don’t, I’m proud of myself. As creative individuals remember that you always have to make sure that you are proud of what you do, even if no one else is.

Until next time… #BeConfident #BeEmpowered #BeProud

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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