It’s Just a Bend in the Road

Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs and in the beginning it tends to come with a lot more downs than ups. Unless you are extremely lucky or just know all of the right people, you will more than likely be working at trying to get your name out there and get to that place of true financial comfort in your entrepreneurial status for quite some time. 

I think when I decided that I wanted to own my own business and pursue creative entrepreneurship I was naïve in thinking that just a year or two would be the magic number. The truth is, there is no magic number. I mean I’ve been at this for more years than I care to admit and honestly I’m still not there yet. I will say that I’ve come a very long way and in the past year and a half I’ve come even further than I imagined and that was because I did something that wasn’t comfortable for me.

I started a YouTube channel (link is below) and when I did I had no idea just how much it would change things, and I don’t really mean in terms of money (because I’m not yet making anything with that channel- yet), but in terms of pushing me past my comfort zone. It’s enabling me to reach people I might not ordinarily be able to reach, gaining a writing support system that I didn’t realize I needed, and making me more comfortable speaking on camera which will go far for certain future endeavors I have planned down the road. The lessons I have learned and the community that I have gained in having this channel is priceless.

Striking out on your own is hard. It’s oftentimes a thankless effort to have a creative business because quite frankly, a lot of people don’t treat creative businesses the same as they do other non creative businesses. You will have days where your hope starts to fade and your resolve to hang in there weakens. You’re wondering what it’s all for if it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t give up.

Your journey will not be obstacle free and this is definitely not for the faint of heart. Keep in mind that the road to your destination is full of curves and if you’re feeling stuck right now it’s not because it’s over, but rather you’ve hit a bend in the road. You can’t see to the other side right now but I promise you, if you keep going beautiful things are coming just around the bend.

Until next time… #BePatient #BeHopeful #BePersistent 

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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