The Fabric that Creates Our Stories

Fabric that creates our stories

Let’s talk about the stories that make us! We all have moments in our lives that we sometimes wish hadn’t happened. There may be certain experiences that we wished had gone a different way than they did. Or even just a small rough patch that you wish you could’ve somehow dodged along the way. I know that I have a huge chunk of childhood experiences I’ve wished I could have replaced with better ones and some mistakes that I’ve made in my teenage or young adult years that I would do over again if I could.

The problem with trying to recreate history, however, is that if we were to do that we would completely miss out on the lesson that we were supposed to learn. In addition to that we would also not have the experiences that help to shape and mold us into the people we were meant to become. I was watching an episode of Oprah’s Master Class and the guest was talking about the fact that the stories that we share with others, the wisdom that we tend to draw on from other people’s experiences, come from the rough patches in life.

We wouldn’t have those experiences and those moments that give us teaching tools for life if there were no rough patches to begin with. What I’ve gone through in my life, the issues I’ve had with deep depression, the abuse I suffered in my childhood, even my struggles with my weight throughout most of my life, sure I may wish they hadn’t happened, but they could very well be the inspiration that someone else needs down the line.

I think of all of the inspiration that I’ve gotten from other people’s struggles and the obstacles that they’ve overcome to get to the level of success that they’re at now and it’s amazing. Knowing that when I finally achieve the goals that I’ve set out to accomplish and when I get to that level of success where I can truly influence others, to think that I could possibly provide some inspiration to someone else in the future and possibly give them feelings of hope is extremely comforting to me.

Our struggles that we endure and the obstacles that we battle through become some of the greatest fabric to our story. To ever try and wish that away would more than likely be a costly mistake because so much of our trials and tribulations are woven so intricately into our lives that without them we could be completely different people and not necessarily who we were ever meant to be. So when you start to dwell on the hard times that you’ve experienced, stop and think. If you were to wish those hard times away, those rough patches, then you wouldn’t have a story to tell. Those experiences have built your character and they are the reason that you can inspire the world around you. So make your stories count and let them be a way to heal somebody else.


Jimmetta Carpenter



The Questions We Ask Ourselves, and God (Part 1): Why Me?

“I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders.”

~ Jewish Proverb 

I have a ton of questions that I asks’ God on a regular basis.  These are questions that I probably know the answer to already but for some reason I never listen to that voice inside of myself until I go to him.  All he does is amplify that voice inside of me so that I actually start paying attention to it.  Have any of you ever found yourself asking God question after question and then wonder when you’re going to get any of the answers you’re waiting for?  I’m discovering that maybe the answers to our questions are already answered but we just aren’t paying close enough attention. 

The most common question that I find myself asking is why me?  There is so much that we go through in life and sometimes it starts to weigh you down.  Naturally the first thing you want to know is why do you have to go through this.  Why is this happening to you?  It just seems sometimes that things get really hard really fast and they take a really long time to get better.  It makes it even more difficult when the person next to you (figuratively) seems to have everything falling right into place just so neatly.  But their story is not your story.    

God puts us through things, not just for the sake of doing so, but to strengthen us.  He gives us tests so that we have testimonies to share so that we can be an example for others.  If you think about it you will realize that you already know the answer to why me.  It is because without your experiences, without those trials that you have been put through, your life story wouldn’t be the same.  You wouldn’t be the same person that you are without those moments that made you stronger.  You might not be as appreciative of your successes if you didn’t have all of the obstacles thrown in your way just to get to them.  

I’m not going to sit here and say that when I have a rough day, or a rough week, or even a rough month, that I won’t ask why me again.  However, I think that I won’t be waiting as long for the answer because I know why me.  I know that my story, my struggle, has a more profound meaning.  I know that my experiences will eventually be able to help someone else cope with their struggle and that I will be proof that for those that have been broken down, it was only so that you be built back up.  

Jimmetta Carpenter


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