The Element of Control

Element of Control

I keep wondering if success has an age attached to it. If there is a certain age that if you haven’t reached a certain level of success by that time then you are doomed to be unsuccessful at everything that you attempt. Is there an expiration date on the possibility of succeeding at what you want in life?

I don’t think that I can recall a time that I didn’t have outrageous and over the top plans for my life. My goals were always (as I was constantly told by the non-believers surrounding me) beyond my physical reach. It never used to matter what other people said I couldn’t achieve because I knew different. However, at some point, when the dreams haven’t happened yet, when you reach a certain point in life, a certain age, you start to wonder (or at least I did) if I haven’t achieved everything I wanted to by now, then isn’t it too late.

I realize that I cannot control when it is that my plans start to fall into place. I can’t help the obstacles that are bound to get in my way as I struggle to get to where it is that I want to be. What I can control is my thinking and my actions.

As you all know, my actions lately haven’t been up to par for a person who wants to achieve big things in their life, largely in part to letting the setbacks, failures, and the feelings of defeat, get the better of me. I wish I could say it’s as simple as me allowing myself to fall into a state of depression but for anyone who suffers with frequent bouts of depression you already know that it doesn’t work quite that way.

While I may not have been able to control the feeling of depression that came over me I sometimes wonder if I could’ve somehow kept it from completely taking over and not just wallowed in it instead of doing everything I could to pull myself out of it. Now that I am finally starting to feel things shift and turn around I notice I am starting to get my drive back and my creativity is beginning to flow again.

I realize that while there are many things that I have to accept are beyond my control and that I just have to let go of, there are still some important aspects of my plans for the future that I can control. I am working on my projects again and I am not giving up on my dreams and my journey to success. I know I’m not getting any younger but as far as I know, success can come at any time as long as I keep pushing and moving forward and that’s exactly what I intend to do.


Jimmetta Carpenter

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Circumstances Beyond My Control

I had this past weekend all planned out.  I had written up a very specific list of things that needed to get done in reference to the magazine to better prepare for its launch (on January 15th) and I held out lots of hope and promise that I was going to get more than half of that list tackled.

What I hadn’t planned on happening this past weekend was me getting sick with a cold that was actually quite debilitating.  So much so that I could barely muster up enough energy to do anything but lay in the bed (I assure you it was not the flu, I’ve had the flu and I know what that feels like).  I mean of course I had to pull myself together at times to do the duties that a mom just can not shrug off but other than that I was in the bed.

Every time I even tried to do anything on the computer it just drained my energy so much and so quickly that it was pointless to even continue trying, I was doing more harm than good.  Even today I can’t say that I am feeling 100% again but I was able to write this blog post which I couldn’t have done yesterday so I suppose that’s saying something.

Well although I did manage to get two or three things on my list accomplished before my being sick got the better of me, I still have a lot of ground to make up for and with school starting back up for me this week it will be challenging to get absolutely everything done.  I am reminded by the unavoidable circumstances of this past weekend that I can not control everything (especially not personal illnesses) and that the show must go on.


Jimmetta Carpenter


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Control Issues

I haven’t really been feeling myself lately and it’s started to affect my writing but I suppose the truth is that it’s only been able to affect my writing because I have subconsciously allowed it too.  I got a good lecture from Ms. L. today about how I can not allow myself to get so depressed over the things that I can’t control that it takes away my power to do what it is I can control.  So I have to somehow drag myself out of this funk that I seem to be in and pour my energy into doing what I know I’m supposed to be doing right now.  I can’t control the things that are continuing to go wrong in my life but my writing career is something that I can control (at least the aspects of it that don’t involve investing money right now) so I have to direct my focus on that.  I know what I need to do now I just have to buckle down and do it.  


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”

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